Update: Embedded Video Support in iOS 9

You may be aware that Apple released its newest mobile operating system, iOS 9, on Wednesday, September 16. We are publishing an important notification regarding how embedded video functions in the iOS 9 native mail client on iPhones and iPads when using Liveclicker’s RealTime Email service.… Read On »

Embedded Video in Email at MarketingSherpa

Like you, we’re busy.  At Liveclicker, we’ve been so busy sharing our VideoCommerce and VideoEmail solutions with the wider world that we’ve neglected to keep those updates flowing to the VideoEmail blog.  … Read On »

VideoEmail is now available on ExactTarget’s HubExchange

ExactTarget customers can now download and install the VideoEmail for ExactTarget app in HubExchange directly from the Interactive Marketing Hub. This app enables ExactTarget users to safely embed video directly within email messages, directly bypassing the problems that plagued embedded video in email for years.… Read On »

Video in Email: The REAL Verdict

I can’t help but sigh when I read blog posts like this one.  It’s one of several posts I’ve seen pop up over the last couple of months that suggest it’s best to not embed video in email.  … Read On »

The Case for B2B Video in Email

We often meet with B2B senders who come to enamored with the idea of using embedded video in email.  Today, most B2B senders don’t believe embedding video in email is even possible, yet alone a good idea.  … Read On »

Announcing the all-new VideoEmail

Today, we’re excited to announce the newest release of our popular video-in-email product, VideoEmail, formerly known as Video Email Express. You might wonder why we chose to upgrade the system.… Read On »

Webinar: Video in Email

Video Email Marketing Growth
This blog is dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest from the world of video distribution, with a focus on video in and video with email.  … Read On »