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[WEBINAR] Personalizing the Inbox with Targeted Video in Email

contextual email marketing with video
Join Liveclicker and WhatCounts for our latest webinar discussing the engaging power of video in email on April 11th, 1:30 PM EDT. During the webinar participants will get to see successful examples of video in email campaigns, hear how WhatCounts and Liveclicker apply video to help clients achieve results, and walk away with the actionable knowledge to create compelling video emails.… Read On »

Contextual Email in the Customer Lifecycle: Part One

Contextual Email Marketing
There are five phases identified in the email lifecycle during a typical customer experience with a retailer – acquisition, conversion, growth, retention, and reactivation. During these phases, consumers receive emails that welcome them to a program, offer transactional confirmations, wish them a happy birthday, display rewards, up sell previous purchases, and attempt to win back lapsed members or disengaged email subscribers.… Read On »

Liveclicker Announces Record Growth in 2016

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CUPERTINO, CA (PRWEB) JANUARY 19, 2017 Liveclicker, Inc. (, a global provider of interactive, personalized email marketing solutions for consumer-facing brands, today announced record growth for its 2016 fiscal year, with subscription revenue up 260%, a net addition of 120 enterprise clients, and accelerated product innovation.… Read On »

[NEW] Add to Calendar Templates for RealTime Email!

Contextual Email Marketing
Thanks to client feedback and our tireless product development team we’ve recently added some prebuilt Add to Calendar Templates! Templates help to expedite the creation of elements by automatically pre-configuring wizards with the most common use cases for that element.… Read On »

[WEBINAR] Ultimate Guide to Email in 2017

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>> TRANSCRIPT << Peter: That’s right folks, It’s time for the new edition of the think tank with Bouncex. Welcome everyone my name is Peter Starr Northrop your webinar producer and host here at Bouncex bringing you the Ultimate Guide to Email in 2017, Behavioral Strategies with Kinetic Email.… Read On »